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Did your ancestors help support Knoxville resident Hugh Lawson White during the presidential election of 1836? Search our database of Knoxville, Tennessee newspapers dating back to 1793 to discover your ancestor's daily lives.Our Knoxville newspaper archives contain announcements, obituaries, articles, and more. 


History of Knoxville, Tennessee

Starting in the early 19th century, Knoxville was known as a common stop for migrants moving westward. Although the city experienced a fluctuation of visitors on a daily basis, the economy of the city was rather stagnant due to its isolation from other nearby towns. It wasn’t until the 1820’s when railroads were established did this city finally experience a growth in its economy.

As with most cities, Knoxville was greatly affected by the American Civil War. Once the turmoil between the Union and Confederate parties were extinguished, Knoxville was then able to rebuild itself and its economy. Northerners began traveling to Tennessee, which brought new industries and a more developed city.

Immigrants to Knoxville

Prior to the 1850s, Knoxville’s immigrant population was mostly made up of English, German and Scottish settlers. But, during the 1850s, the construction of the railroad brought many Irish Catholic immigrants to the city of Knoxville. In addition, Swiss and Welsh immigrants helped shape the city as they brought mining and business expertise.

Search our Knoxville, TN newspaper archives and explore your family heritage. Our easy to use archives include Knoxville’s major newspaper publications, all preserving details of our ancestors. Trace your lineage in GenealogyBank’s Knoxville newspaper archives today!

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