Dallas Morning News (Dallas, Texas) Newspaper Archives (1885 - 1984)

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By the end of the 19th century, Dallas was a booming business and trade center. The Dallas Morning News captured and preserved key events and daily life in Dallas. Using our Dallas Morning News archives dating back to the first publication in 1885, learn more about daily life in Dallas. Find out what life was like for your ancestors living or doing business in Dallas, Texas.

Our Dallas Morning News archives feature full publications from 1885-1984 with thousands of articles, obituaries, announcements, advertisements and more that can help you piece together the valuable details of your family history. Find out who the people were behind the names and dates on your family tree. 

With many significant local and national events happening right in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News had a lot to report on. From the effect of the Great Depression on the residents of Dallas to the city’s booming oil industry, the Dallas Morning News archives are filled with information about the city’s history. 

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History of The Dallas Morning News

Founded by Alfred Horatio Belo in 1885, The Dallas Morning News began as a side publication to the Galveston Daily News. Six years later, The Dallas Morning News became the main publication in the Dallas area after competing newspapers such as The Dallas Times Herald was purchased. As a result, The Dallas Morning News to gain popularity throughout the Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas area.

Throughout this paper’s history, it has been awarded nine Pulitzer Prizes for its exceptional photography and reporting. Even to this day, The Dallas Morning News is one of the most successful publications in all of Texas, placed within the top 20 largest paid circulations within the United States.

Learn more about your ancestry by searching our Dallas Morning News archives. This extensive database allows you to read the thrilling accounts of your family’s past time like never before. Start your search now with The Dallas Morning News archives on our website and learn about your ancestor's role in the growth of Dallas.

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