Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas) Newspaper Archives (1902 - 2016)

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Were your ancestors involved in the creation of the booming oil industry in Fort Worth, Texas? Trace your ancestors and learn about their daily lives with GenealogyBank’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram archives. Through this online database, you can access a world of information to help you uncover your family lineage.

Beginning in the early 1900’s, Fort Worth Star-Telegram documented historical events that shaped southern culture in America. Our Star-Telegram archives also provide reports on World War II events that were documented through this local publication.

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History of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

During 1909, the Fort Worth Star and Fort Worth Telegram merged to create the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Amon G. Carter Sr. was the original publisher, who helped spread the newspaper across 84 counties in Texas. Up until the start of World War II, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was published in New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, and Western Texas. This paper also established the first Fort Worth radio station and television channel within all southern states.

In the 1980’s, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram won two Pulitzer Prizes for their excellent work in reporting. Also during this time period, the Star-Telegram produced their very first StarText. This digital publication allowed viewers to access their newspaper on the internet, which helped to increase their audience.

If you want to learn more about your heritage, start by searching through our Fort Worth newspaper archives. Our extensive database provides articles, obituaries, and announcements that will help you learn the true stories of your ancestors.

Begin your search today with our Star-Telegram newspaper archives and other online genealogy resources. 

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