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Find Your Family History in Utah Newspaper Archives

Discover your ancestors, their stories, and how they lived with our Utah newspaper archives. Local city and Utah county newspapers published stories about the local community and how national events impacted the people, your ancestors. Find out if your ancestors fought in any wars, were community leaders, and how they were remembered. Our collection of digital newspapers include popular titles such as Deseret News and the Salt Lake City Tribute.

Find newspaper archives dating back to 1851, just 4 years after Salt Lake City was founded by Brigham Young. Were your ancestors one of the first the Latter-Day Saints settlers or pioneers who came to call Utah home? Find out when you search your family name in our collection of Utah digital newspapers. With the stories captured in newspapers, you can discover your ancestors beyond names and dates found in vital records.

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Utah Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Newspapers are an invaluable genealogical resource featuring national and local news, events, announcements and records of our ancestors’ lives. Through our newspaper archives you can discover unknown details of your ancestors or perhaps a photograph of a long lost relative. Whether you start your genealogy search with the federal census or the Utah state archives, newspapers hold the keys to intimate details about your family heritage.

Search Utah historical newspapers and more recent archives for marriage announcements, birth records, obituaries and daily local news of your ancestors. Watch your family tree come to life and discover who your ancestors were and how they lived.