Olympia Daily Recorder (Olympia, Washington) Newspaper Archives (1902 - 1923)

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Explore Your Family History Using The Olympia Daily Recorder Archives

Are you from Olympia, Washington? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to discover the untold stories of your ancestors with GenealogyBank’s Olympia Daily Recorder Newspaper Archives. Our extensive database contains obituaries, historical publications, and announcements that will get you one step closer to uncovering your true lineage.

All you need is just a name and date to unlock a world of valuable information that just can’t be found anywhere else. If your ancestors were among the many who traveled to the United States, they may have settled the Pacific Northwest. 

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History of Olympia, Washington

Once serving as the home to America’s indigenous tribes, the city of Olympia didn’t become inhabited by European settlers until the year 1846. Shortly after, this city became a thriving regional trading spot due to its pristine location along the Cowlitz River and Puget Sound.

The 1850’s were among the most influential periods for Olympia’s development. As more settlers arrived to make this city their home, Olympia’s infrastructure began to strengthen, including their buildings, stores, homes, and roads.

History of the Olympia Daily Recorder

Within the first 20 years that Olympia was founded, The Washington Standard became the first local newspaper. By 1889, The Washington Standard turned into the Daily Olympian, which would eventually join together with another local publication called The Daily Recorder. These local newspapers documented local Olympian news as well as national events.

Discover your family heritage with a quick and simple search on our Olympia Daily Recorder newspaper archives. This extensive database helps to connect you with your ancestors who lived or worked in Washington. Let GenealogyBank help you uncover your true family history and start your search today!

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