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Find Stories of Your Ancestors In The Seattle Daily Times

Were your ancestors involved in the Klondike Gold Rush during 1897? Or maybe they arrived in Seattle years later, when the city experienced a massive surge in their population. If your family is from this area, they could have been among the thousands of settlers that made their way to Seattle during this influential time in history. Perhaps your ancestors were pillars in the local community, worked at the Boeing commerical airline company, or star athletes at the high school. You can discover all of this and more with our Seattle Times archives. 

Our Seattle Daily Times Newspaper Archives includes articles, local obituaries, marriage/birth announcements, as well as classifieds and more to help you discover your ancestors and learn more about your family history. 

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History of the Seattle Daily Times

Originating as the Seattle Press-Times before changing to the Seattle Daily Times and eventually the Seattle Times, this evening publication became the largest and most influential paper throughout the entire Seattle area. The Seattle Times is one of the few remaining newspapers in a major city within the United States independently operated and owned by a local family. This newspaper was around to document many historical moments in Washington history. Some of these events include the Great Seattle Fire, the Klondike Gold Rush, and the booming immigration period that shortly followed in the early 1900’s.

Discover what it was like for your ancestors to live in the Pacific Northwest during these pivotal moments through the stories captured in the Seattle Daily Times. With records dating back to 1895, you'll find a comprehensive database of Seattle newspaper archives which can help you learn more about your family heritage. 

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