Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Newspaper Archives (1995 - 2012)

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Your Ancestors in Milwaukee

If your ancestors were some of the thousands of European immigrants that migrated to the United States during the 19th century, they could very well be among the many settlers that decided to make Milwaukee, Wisconsin their new home.

Whether you're an expert genealogist or just starting to trace your ancestry, start with a simple search for a name and watch the records unfold. 

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History of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

In 1995, the Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Sentinel combined to form the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Before the two papers conjoined, they separately documented historical events that were taking place in Wisconsin as well as the rest of the United States.

With full publications dating back to 1884, these two newspapers documented the daily lives of our ancestors during a pivotal time in American history. From breaking news about the Civil War to reporting on local politics and major national events, newspapers are a rich resource to glean insights into life for our ancestors. 

If you or your family are from the Milwaukee area, it’s very possible that your ancestors could have been apart of some of America’s most significant historical events. To find out more about your family lineage, use our extensive Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newspaper Archives.

Search from thousands of publications, Milwaukee obituaries, and announcements from not only Wisconsin but also the rest of the United States as well.

Learning about your family heritage is priceless, and that’s why now is the perfect opportunity to uncover your ancestors who lived or worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

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