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Research U.S. National, State & Local Election Results

It is estimated that over one million offices are filled in electoral cycles across the United States every year, bringing in newly-elected public officials to conduct our government's business. Newspapers print the results of these elections to inform the public who will be serving in our public offices over the next terms.

You can discover the election returns for ballots cast at the U.S. national, state and local level in our historical newspaper archives.

Explore the final vote counts that determined our election winners, including the closest political races and landslide victories. From U.S. presidential elections to the mayoral elections for cities across America, discover the candidates and final ballot counts that decided the outcomes of the most famous elections in our nation's history. Watch the past unfold in the old electoral ballots, as people from different ethnicities won historic elections to serve in U.S. politics for the first time.

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