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Omaha, Nebraska is home to many events in our country’s history. From Lewis and Clark exploring the city on their expedition to the Nebraska-Kansas in 1854, there are so many events that created the city we have today. Exploring recent obituaries can help you uncover unknown facts and stories about your ancestors living and working in Omaha.


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Omaha World Herald Obituaries Reveal Family History Clues

Use our Omaha World Herald obituaries archive to learn about your ancestors with more than just a name and a date. This extensive database holds valuable information from recent obituaries published in the Omaha World Herald starting in 2005 to present day. Discover your family history with our extensive database of obituaries, Omaha World Herald newspaper articles, and announcements.

Obituaries are an essential genealogy resource to learn more about your family heritage. They often include unknown messages, stories, and recollections of your ancestors.  Not only that, but you can also learn valuable dates and surviving relatives that may connect the missing pieces of your family tree. Our World Herald obituaries are a useful resource for uncovering information on your ancestors that just can’t be found elsewhere.

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