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Obituaries are a key genealogy resource when researching your ancestors. They contain important dates, names of surviving relatives, and stories of your loved ones that can help you trace your ancestry. Search our The Daily Ardmoreite obituaries by name and/or date to get started. 

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History of Ardmore, Oklahoma

The city of Ardmore, Oklahoma started off with a humble beginning. Like many cities during the 1880’s, Ardmore was a place for trading and cotton. Their cotton production was so successful, that it became the leading producer in any inland state in America. However after years of harvesting, the land became depleted, and cotton could no longer be produced. Also around this time, a fire wiped out the entire city, leaving buildings completely leveled, and many of its citizens homeless.

Luckily for Ardmore, oil was found shortly after, which then rejuvenated the economy once again. From that point forward, Ardmore had to rebuild their city from the ground up, which was all supported by their successful oil industry. To this day, Ardmore is dependent on its oil industry and has even become home to several major energy corporations to this day.

In its early days, Ardmore was one of the few cities in Oklahoma were Jewish immigrants moved to and became known as Oklahoma’s first legitimate Jewish community. If your ancestors are of Jewish descent and lived in Oklahoma in the late 1880s and early 1900s they may have found a home in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Find out with a simple search by name or date.

Use our extensive collection of recent Ardmoreite obituaries to learn about life in Ardmore for your family members and the roles they played. These genealogy records are full of valuable information that can help you expand your family tree and go beyond names and dates.

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