Email Alerts

What kinds of alerts can I set up?

Content gets added every week for two collections: Newspaper Archives and Obituaries. The Historical Newspaper Archives has digitized newspapers going back to 1690. The Obituaries collection has new, up-to-date obituaries from newspapers across the United States. You can set up custom email alerts on a surname or a keyword in both collections. When we find matches, we’ll send you an email with links so you can review your results.

How do I create an alert?

There are two ways to create an alert:

  1. Do a search that you’d like to be alerted on. In the upper right corner of the results page, click on Save/Alert and choose the Alert option.
  2. Visit the Saved Searches section of your My Folder page. Click Get Email Alert for any saved search that you want to turn into an alert.

How do I turn off an alert?

Visit the Saved Searches section of your My Folder page to manage your alerts. Click on Turn Off Alert to disable alerts for that search.

How often will I get an alert?

This will vary depending on the amount and type of content that is added to our collections, and on the search you’ve created. Broader searches might lead to multiple matches in a week, while narrower searches might be less frequent.

Is there a limit to how many alerts I can set up?

At this time, you can have up to 30 alerts active.

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