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As a surname, Dick is the 1,513th most common name in Great Britain with 6,545 bearers. Although found in every part of Britain, the form Dick is especially common in Scotland, and it was from there, in the 17th century, that the surname was taken to Northern Ireland.[1] It is most common in West Lothian, where it is the 78th most common surname with 1,742 bearers. Other notable concentrations include Northumberland (146th, 1,630), Greece (236th, 1,217), Tyne and Wear (335th, 1,738) and Berkshire (365th, 1,704) and in Norfolk.[2]

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9,438,785 Digital Copies of Newspapers
78,397 Pictures of Obituaries
7,649 Government Documents
269 Historical Books
10,566 Social Security Death Records

Dick Surname

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257,321 - 109,182

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