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Inman is a surname originating in both England and Scotland.[1] It usually originates from the Medieval English occupational word "Innman", and describes an innkeeper. The origin is the pre 7th century word "inn" meaning a lodging place where alcoholic beverages were served, plus "man", in this case a keeper or foreman. The first recording of the surname Inman is from the late 14th century, occupational surnames being among the first to be recorded but the last to be hereditary. They usually only became so when a son or sometimes a grandson in medieval England would follow their father into the same line of business. It has also been suggested that the surname derives from an Old English pre 7th century personal name Ingemund, a compound of "Ing", the name of a minor Norse god of fertility, plus "mund", protection.[2] Notable people with the surname include:

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