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March 2012 Newsletter

GenealogyBank Adds 22 Million Records in March!

We constantly add more newspapers and obituaries to our online archive. Currently, GenealogyBank features over 5,850 newspapers from all 50 states, with more than 209 million obituaries and death records. Here are some details about our most recent additions (we actually added new content to thousands of titles, but the following is a representative sample): a total of 85 titles from 29 states plus the District of Columbia. We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research.

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Irish Vital Records Found in Newspaper Archives

St. Patrick's Day has become one of the most popular holidays in the United States. For many Americans, this day is synonymous with one thing: a fun party—lots of laughter, drinking and joking with good friends. For some Americans, this holiday is also a time to reflect upon and celebrate their Irish heritage, and think about their Irish ancestors. One of GenealogyBank's Irish American newspapers contains thousands of marriage and death records from Ireland (1849 to 1914)—records from the Old Country!

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Family History Treasures in Historical Books Section

In addition to its core of more than 5,850 online newspapers, GenealogyBank has other family history resources to offer genealogists. As GenealogyBank combs through archives and repositories for the oldest American newspapers, we find many one-of-a-kind early printed items of high genealogical value. These can range from one-page keepsakes to small printed books. We digitize these and put them in the "Historical Books" section of GenealogyBank.

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Cooper's Last of the Mohicans—Was Not!

In his celebrated 1826 novel The Last of the Mohicans, American writer James Fenimore Cooper's Indian character Chingachgook says of his son Uncas: "my boy is the last of the Mohicans." The novel, a recognized American classic, is still read today—and numerous television and Hollywood movies have been based on Cooper's tale. There's just one problem with all this—two, actually: Uncas was not the last one. And there never were any Mohicans in the first place!

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Ask the Genealogist

Q: I subscribed to GenealogyBank to find information on Rosalee Dale Davis, who was born in Salem, West Virginia, in August 1923—and died in Salem, Industrial, Wolf Summit, on April 1, 2009. I have not been able to find any information. Could you please help me find any additional family information?

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