Discoveries: When Death Came Courting

Most marriage announcements in the newspaper are straightforward, informative notices. But when the editors at the Western Citizen newspaper announced this 1815 wedding, they couldn't help but have a little fun.

They saw that Hugh Campbell was marrying a bride with a most unusual last name—and sharpened their poetic wit to write this stanza about Campbell joyfully meeting Death:

For Death he zealously prepared,
Nor wish'd to be the trial spared;
The moment came—his Death he met,
And joyful paid great nature's debt;
Clasp'd in the arms of Death he lay,
Nor wish'd a resurrection day.

Hugh Campbell and Maria T. Death were married in Baltimore by the Rev. Mr. Inglis in April of 1815.

Western Citizen (Paris, Kentucky), 29 April 1815, page 3.

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