Discoveries: A Concert Piano for a Tombstone!

Wow—this is quite a tombstone. This marble grand piano is actually a tombstone honoring William Henry Thornton (1883-1918), a classical pianist who used his talents to entertain soldiers during World War I. He died during the 1918 flu pandemic.

This striking tombstone is located in Highgate Cemetery in London, England. It was featured in a 1921 newspaper.

Jackson Citizen Patriot (Jackson, Michigan), 22 January 1921, page 2.

Tony Worrall took a more recent photo of that tombstone in 2012 and put it on Flickr here.

As you can see from Worrall's recent photograph, that tombstone has not survived the years very well. It's a good thing there is an image of this tombstone from 1921 when it was in better shape.

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