GenealogyBank News (June 2013)

  • Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Just Added 4 Million More Records!

    We constantly add more newspapers and obituaries to our online archives. Currently, GenealogyBank features over 6,500 newspapers from all 50 states, with more than 219 million obituaries and death records. Here are details about some of our most recent additions: a total of 39 newspaper titles from 17 U.S. states. We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research.
  • Feature Article: Who Exactly Were These Children? And Why Is This Boy Dressed as a Girl?

    An investigation into the three children appearing in the 1841 painting "The Starbird Children"—Henry, Caroline and Louis—leads to some interesting family history discoveries, thanks to historical newspapers and other online genealogy records.
  • Genealogy Tips: Read the Article Carefully

    A quick glance at an 1851 obituary of a Revolutionary War veteran may lead to some false conclusions—but a more careful reading, plus the help of additional records, helps clarify the story.
  • Discoveries: Family Heritage Restored to Fireman John Clark's Descendants

    The recent restoration of a historic Dallas cemetery by local firemen, celebrated with a special tribute ceremony, honored eight first responders who gave their lives protecting the community—including a hero who died in 1902, and whose story was unknown to his descendants.

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