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Look at Every Article

After you run a search, take the time to open and read every article that appears on the search results page. Sometimes at first glance an article might not appear to be important to your research. I almost skipped this article—but after reading it, I was glad I had opened it up and looked at it.

Stamford Advocate (Stamford, Connecticut), 14 September 1877, page 2.

I had never pictured my 2nd great-grandfather driving a horse and wagon. But he did—and it was stolen from right in front of the Methodist Church, Darien, Connecticut, while he was attending a meeting. The wagon was "a newly painted, two seated open wagon."

You can picture it—just like so many horse-drawn wagons you see in Western movies.

William offered a reward, not just for the "return of the property"—he wanted the thief too. Makes you wonder what he was going to do to that thief.

This was just one incident in his life, but it was a story I had never heard before. He was robbed and he wanted his property back—and the thief.

Take the time to look at every article. You never know what story might pop up and tell you something more about your family history.