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'Silent Soldier' Recognized

One of the best parts of using GenealogyBank is the discoveries you make.

Finding and preserving the life stories of our ancestors and making sure that they are not lost again is very satisfying.

That was the case with Sergeant Leodegar Schnyder, who served in the U.S. Army for 53 years in the 19th century. He had served longer than anyone else. Then he retired—and "was forgotten for more than half a century except by his descendants."

Schnyder's story was "rediscovered" in 1974 by Mrs. W.J. Kottas, then the president of the Tobias County Historical Society in Nebraska. Digging into various archives and uncovering the story of Schnyder's life and career became a project for the Society, and Mrs. Kottas led a successful effort to honor the "Silent Soldier" by having a historical marker about him erected on Nebraska State Highway 74.

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska), 11 February 1974, page 1.

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