Discoveries: How Did This Story Get Lost to the Family?

Robert and Abigail (Haskell) Starbird's photograph hangs prominently at the top of the staircase in my home, along with dozens of other family members from their time to now.

Source: Thomas Jay Kemp

Over the past month I've been systematically going through and documenting all of my Revolutionary War ancestors—and for the past few days it's nagged at me to look at two more family lines, where it seems there should be a few more ancestors whose stories I haven't discovered.

Having an extra minute today I poked further on my Starbird line.

There was Robert's father, Moses. What did I really know about him?

Turns out, he not only served in the Revolutionary War (he was in the Continental Army, a Private)—he was there at Valley Forge, right through that brutal winter with George Washington.

How could that story not have been passed down in the family?

I had heard so many interesting family stories from the colonial period—could I possibly have heard this story about Moses and forgotten it? Or was it simply not retold, and lost over time?

Keep digging into your family history—find your family's stories and preserve them.

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