Feature Article: What Are You Doing with Old Family Heirlooms?

Maybe you have an old cedar chest, or other large object, as one of your prized family heirlooms.

Source: Abernethy's

We have an old chest that was owned by my grandmother, and we heard that previously it had been passed down to her mother.

Now if the only heirloom we had was one object, we might be able to handle that—but wait, there's more.

Much more.

There are old photos—large ones, framed—and dishware, glasses, books, and on and on.

What do you do when your home has become the designated family museum—and you start looking to the future wondering what will become of these items?

Start by taking a photograph of each item and uploading that picture to your online family tree. Record who owned the object and tell the object's story. What is it? Who owned it? And why is it important to the family?

That's a good plan, and it will keep the memory and the meaning of these family heirlooms alive for future generations.

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