Discoveries: Have You Seen This Before?

The other day I was working on my extended family tree and found the Social Security Death Index record for a cousin: Vane Wilcox.

Source: GenealogyBank

That was him!

So I added the details of his birth and death to his page on our online family tree.

I soon received a message from Yvonne Hynes who told me that in an old antique shop she had found a small calling card bearing his name.

Wow – what a find.

She asked if she could send it to me – and it arrived in the mail today. What a kindness.

Genealogists often go out of their way to get long-lost items back to the family. Hats off to Yvonne Hynes for going above and beyond in seeing to it that this item got to us.

This is a terrific little item. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Source: Kemp Family Papers

It is a small card stock with scalloped edges. On it is an attractive floral print with the words “Sweet Remembrance” affixed on the right side of the card.

Lifting it, you can clearly see his name, Vane Wilcox, printed on the card.

Source: Kemp Family Papers

Have you seen a calling card like this? Since it carries the message “Sweet Remembrance,” I assume that this type of card was given to the young women he met at a dance or other social settings.

Are you familiar with these cards and the social customs for giving them to others back in the day?

Write us and tell us more about this.

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