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Revolutionary War Veterans’ Marriages

Interesting that 40 years after the Revolutionary War, these two grooms were identified in the newspaper as “a revolutionary hero” and “a revolutionary Patriot.” Remembering those that served held a powerful impact on the public long after the war ended – and it has that same impact on us now.

Haverhill Gazette (Haverhill, Massachusetts), 15 March 1823, page 3

The National Archives has the service records that have survived – but that is not the only record of these veterans’ lives.

GenealogyBank has millions of newspaper articles written about these patriots during the rest of their lives, long after the war ended: biographical sketches; their marriages; the birth of their children; their old age and their obituaries.

I checked one of the largest online family tree sites, and both of the marriages reported above were not recorded. We need to fill in these Revolutionary War veterans’ stories. Find the details of their lives, including their spouses and children.

Dig into GenealogyBank’s old newspapers to find and document our Revolutionary War patriots and their families.