Genealogy Tips: Use Recent Newspaper Articles Also

With over 7,000 papers in its Historical Newspaper Archives, GenealogyBank has the stories of your ancestors’ lives. Included in that collection are more recent newspaper articles as well, for stories of your family’s recent history.

In going through our family papers the other day, I found this plaque that was given to my brother Pete in 1989.

Source: Kemp Family Papers

Pete was named the “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” by the International Technology Education Association. I didn’t know much about this and wondered if there was more to the story – so I looked in GenealogyBank and quickly found an article announcing the award that gave more detail about this recognition.

Source: GenealogyBank, Stamford Advocate (Stamford, Connecticut), 30 April 1989, page G5

He was “cited for his many contributions to education, through his writings and innovative work in curriculum development” and for being “an 18-year veteran of the Bethel (Connecticut) Public Schools.”

I usually use GenealogyBank to find information about my ancestors over the past 200 years – it’s good for finding information about my immediate family members as well.

GenealogyBank – your best source for documenting the stories of your family.

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