Genealogy Tips: Digitize and Save Your Memories

Digging through the family “treasures” in my home, I found this birthday card my daughter made for me years ago.

Here’s the front of the card:

Source: Thomas Jay Kemp

And here’s the inside of the card:

Source: Thomas Jay Kemp

I didn’t want this card to be lost, and realized that with a few clicks and the power of Adobe PDF, I could preserve it digitally – forever.

Armed with the photos I took of the card, I had two options to preserve it.

I could upload each photo to my family tree and preserve the card as multiple photographs.

Or, I could use the Adobe PDF “Combine Files into a Single File” option to “print” and combine these separate photos into one PDF file, making sure that the multiple images of the card were preserved together.

Source: Thomas Jay Kemp

I took the second option. This made it easy for me to upload these multiple photos as one file and preserve this homemade birthday card on my online family tree as one file.

Here’s how I did it:

· First, I saved each file as a PDF copy.

· Then I combined those separate PDF files into one file, making it easy to scroll up/down to see the card from the front and as I opened it.

· Then with a click I uploaded the combined PDF file to the Memories page on my online family tree.

Source: Thomas Jay Kemp

Give it a try.

Don’t let your family memories be lost.

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