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July 2017 Newsletter

My Genealogy Results from Multiple DNA Tests

Thomas Jay Kemp recently received his DNA testing results from three of the major DNA testing companies: FamilyTree DNA, AncestryDNA and GPS Origins. In this article, he evaluates the three companies and discusses his test results.

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Knowing Your Ancestors’ Professions Can Yield New Insights into Colonial Life

I have spent some time digging into my Mayflower ancestors’ lives to see what new information I could find about them. In my research on John Tilley, a newspaper notation about his profession took me by surprise. He was a “silk worker.” I don’t know as I’ve had any other ancestor that worked as a silk worker.

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Surprising New Details about My Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestors

Like many of you, I am descended from some of the original Mayflower Pilgrims. One of these Mayflower ancestors is Francis Eaton (1596-1633), a carpenter, who came to the New World with his family in 1620.

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Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content for 193 Titles from 34 States!

We constantly add more newspapers and obituaries to our online archives. Currently, GenealogyBank features over 7,000 newspapers from all 50 states, with more than 250 million obituaries and death records. Here are details about our most recent additions: a total of 193 newspaper titles from 34 states. We’ve shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research.

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