Keywords Search Tips

There are two keyword search boxes to narrow your search for genealogy records: the "Include Keywords" box and the "Exclude Keywords" box (see below). By using the "Include Keywords" box and/or the "Exclude Keywords" box, you can narrow or expand your genealogy record search results.

Include Keywords

Put phrases in quotes like "John Adams" in the "Include Keywords" box to limit the ancestor record search to that exact name—versus using the last/first name search that brings back records matching John near2 Adams.

Exclude Keywords

If you find too many names are returned in the search results, narrow your ancestor search even more by typing names or places you do NOT want in your results in the "Exclude Keywords" box.

For example, if you are getting matching records about a reverend but the family member you are looking for was never a reverend, go to the "Exclude Keywords" box and enter: Reverend OR Church OR Rev. Adding this info in the "Exclude Keywords" box will eliminate those irrelevant records.

Also, remember to capitalize both the O and the R when using the Boolean operator "OR." This tells the genealogy search engine to exclude the words or phrases you entered.

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