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Family Facts You'll Find in Census Records:

  • Names - of each person living in the house.
  • Location
  • Household Data - Number of people and if the house is rented, owned or a farm.
  • Relation - of the responder to the head of the household
  • Personal Description - Sex, race, age at last birthday, marital status
  • Education
  • Place of Birth - noted both US & foreign locations
    • Distinguished Canada-French vs. Canada-English and Irish Free State (Eire) vs. Northern Ireland.
  • Citizenship - Citizenship (if not US)
  • Residence
  • Employment Status
  • Occupation, Industry, & Class of Worker
  • Income

You’ll Also Discover

  • Place of Birth of Father & Mother
  • Mother Tongue (or Native Language)
  • Veterans & War/Military Service
  • Social Security
  • Usual Occupation, Industry, and Class of Worker
  • Married Women