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Feature Article: GenealogyBank's 4th Anniversary; Explosive Growth in Four Years!
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Feature Article: GenealogyBank's 4th Anniversary; Explosive Growth in Four Years!
GenealogyBank celebrated its fourth anniversary on Oct. 19, 2010. It's been an exciting four years for us, as we have steadily acquired and digitized newspapers, books, historical documents and government records to make us a leading archive for family history research. Our growth in historical newspapers has been especially impressive: we now feature over 4,500 newspapers from all 50 states. With over 160 million obituaries, we are a "must-have" site for genealogists. In all, we now offer more than 758 million genealogy records!

"We've added over 598 million records since our launch in 2006," says Tom Kemp, Director, Genealogy Products. "We're excited about the rapid growth of our newspaper archive and the vast breadth of family history information we have available. GenealogyBank provides exclusive access to more than 300 years of important genealogical information and is an ideal resource for exploring the real stories behind the lives of past generations."

When we launched in October 2006, GenealogyBank offered 160 million family history records. Two years later, in October 2008, we were up to 239 million–over 60% of them newspaper articles. Since then, our aggressive pursuit and acquisition of newspapers has really fueled our growth–with the current total of 637 million newspaper articles being increased each and every day. Our current total of over 758 million articles and records includes growth in books, historical documents and government records as well. And there's no end in sight!

As Tom pointed out, "GenealogyBank is one of the fastest growing newspaper sites for family history research and an ideal resource for exploring the real stories behind the lives of past generations. We now have a whopping 374% more family history information online today than when we launched and we only plan to continue growing, with new documents digitized every month.

"Our collection of over 4,500 newspapers provides a firsthand glimpse into the everyday lives of millions of Americans who lived from 1690 to the present day. In addition to names, dates, places and events, newspapers offer real-life stories of the triumphs, challenges and turning points that formed communities and shaped lives. GenealogyBank's exclusive newspaper content–from all 50 states–can help family history researchers dig deeper into their family's past.

"Most importantly, GenealogyBank provides substantial runs from big-city dailies, regional weeklies and small-town papers from across America. There is coverage from every day of the week across a 300-year span.

"With the easiest to use Social Security Death Index available–as well as government documents, rare books, military records, obituaries and more–GenealogyBank has truly become the 'go-to' place for primary source family history information."
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