Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 34 Million Records in November and December!
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Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 34 Million Records in November and December!
Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our online collection to give you the largest newspaper archive for family history research available anywhere. GenealogyBank features over 4,500 newspapers from all 50 states (including substantial runs from big-city dailies, regional weeklies and small-town newspapers), with over 160 million obituaries! GenealogyBank's database includes the Social Security Death Index, historical books and documents, and government records, in addition to our extensive newspaper archive.

Here are the details of GenealogyBank's most recent additions, a total of 109 titles from 38 states plus the District of Columbia. Titles marked with an asterisk are obituaries only; those marked with a plus sign are new to our archive. We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research. If it is, simply narrow your search to the desired newspaper (see the "Search tips" article); there is also an option available on the search form that gives you the ability to search only the new content.

State City Title Start Date End Date
AL Mobile Mobile Register 1975-05-09 1992-10-31
AR Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 1868-06-13  
AR Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 1871-01-31  
AR Little Rock Arkansas State Press 1946-05-03  
CA Oakland Western Outlook 1914-11-07 1928-05-26
CO Brighton Brighton Standard Blade* 2008 Current
CO Fort Lupton Fort Lupton Press* 2009 Current
CO Longmont Longmont Ledger* 2009 Current
CT Bridgeport Republican Farmer 1857-10-16 1858-02-12
CT New Britain Herald, The* 2000 Current
CT Norwich Norwich Morning Bulletin 1861-04-30 1868-10-09
DC Washington Washington Bee 1887-02-19 1887-03-05
FL Branford Branford News, The* 2007 2009
GA Augusta Augusta Chronicle 1877-09-09 1880-12-30
HI Honolulu Honolulu Star-Advertiser* 2010 Current
IA Adel Dallas County News* 2006 Current
IA Boone Boone News-Republican* 2005 Current
IA Lone Tree Lone Tree Reporter* 2000 Current
ID Priest River Priest River Times* 2006 Current
ID Salmon City Idaho Recorder 1889-12-12 1892-05-04
IL Centralia Centralia Sentinel 1863-05-28 1865-09-07
IL East St. Louis East St. Louis Journal* 2004 2005
IL Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register* 1999 Current
IL Peoria Peoria Times-Observer* 2008 2010
IN Frankfort Times, The* 2009 Current
IN Indianapolis Freeman 1913-08-09 1913-08-09
KS Cherokee Kansas Homestead+ 1899-12-23 1900-01-06
KS Columbus Columbus Advocate, The* 2008 Current
KS Emporia Emporia Citizen 1932-03-01 1932-11-01
KS Fort Scott Messenger 1917-08-02 1918-09-13
KS Kansas City Kansas Elevator 1912-02-12 1916-07-29
KS Kansas City National Review 1913-04-26 1913-10-25
KS Parsons Eye Opener 1892-07-23 1892-07-23
KS Pittsburg Uplift 1914-12-05 1914-12-19
KS Salinas Salina Enterprise 1908-11-14 1909-02-04
KS Topeka Herald of Kansas 1880-02-06 1880-04-23
KS Topeka Kansas Baptist Herald+ 1911-11-11 1913-05-03
KS Topeka Little Weekly 1938-06-25 1938-06-25
KS Topeka National Watchman+ 1914-05-09 1914-05-09
KS Topeka Top.Tribune/West.Recorder+ 1885-05-09 1885-07-18
KS Weir City Weir City Eagle+ 1900-01-12 1900-03-23
KS Wichita American Times+ 1908-03-07 1908-03-28
KS Wichita Colored Citizen+ 1903-02-21 1904-02-06
KS Wichita Midwest News Press 1959-04-04 1959-04-04
KS Wichita Wichita Factarian+ 1914-02-26 1914-04-02
KS Wichita Wichita Globe 1887-02-17 1887-10-29
KY Elizabethtown News-Enterprise, The* 2008 Current
KY Louisville Louis. Eccentric Observer* 2004 Current
LA Abbeville Vermilion Today* 2010 Current
LA Gueydan Vermilion Today* 2010 Current
LA Kaplan Vermilion Today* 2010 Current
LA Baton Rouge Black Republican 1865-04-22 1865-08-01
LA Crowley Acadia Parish Today* 2010 Current
LA Rayne Acadia Parish Today* 2010 Current
LA Minden Minden Press-Herald* 2007 Current
LA New Orleans New Orleans Tribune 1865-07-08 1869-02-14
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1905-01-01 1911-09-21
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1963-10-06 1984-03-10
MA Beverly Saturday Morning Citizen 1890-12-13 1890-12-13
MA Northampton Hampshire Gazette 1788-09-10 1812-12-23
MA Springfield Springfield Union 1952-01-18 1976-08-31
MA Worcester National Aegis 1840-08-19 1851-12-03
MD Westminster Ad. of Eldersb./Sykesville* 2010 Current
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen 1872-07-23 1903-10-13
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen Patriot 1871-01-04 1889-12-31
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 1854-09-01 1862-08-01
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 1879-01-14 1895-03-15
MN St. Paul St. Paul Daily Pioneer 1857-05-27 1857-12-31
MN Stillwater Stillwater Gazette* 2000 Current
MS Forest Scott County Times, The* 2003 Current
MS Vicksburg Daily Commercial 1877-03-21 1881-12-31
MT Bigfork Bigfork Eagle* 2004 Current
MT Clark Fork Clark Fork Valley Press* 2008 Current
MT Colum. Falls Hungry Horse News* 2004 Current
MT Lakeside West Shore News* 2009 Current
MT Somers West Shore News* 2009 Current
MT Rollings West Shore News* 2009 Current
MT Dayton West Shore News* 2009 Current
MT Libby Western News, The* 2004 Current
MT Whitefish Whitefish Pilot* 2004 Current
NC Whiteville News Reporter, The* 2004 Current
NE Lexington Lexington Clipper-Herald 2005 Current
NE North Platte North Platte Telegraph, The 2004 2007
NH Concord New Hampshire Observer 1826-10-21 1826-10-21
NH Hanover Dartmouth Gazette 1808-03-09 1808-05-11
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1892-09-25 1899-05-21
NM Grants Cibola County Beacon* 2002 Current
NV Virginia City Territorial Enterprise 1874-08-04 1879-12-21
NY Albany North. Star/Freeman's Adv. 1842-02-03 1843-01-02
NY Catskill Daily Mail, The* 2004 Current
NY Garden City Garden City Life* 2007 Current
NY Levittown Levittown Tribune* 2010 Current
NY Massapequa Massapequan Observer* 2010 Current
NY New York Commercial Advertiser 1824-09-23 1830-12-24
NY New York New York Herald-Tribune 1889-06-22 1899-12-30
NY New York New-York Daily Advertiser 1824-12-22 1830-03-26
NY New York Spectator 1830-01-01 1832-12-31
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1947-07-28 1991-05-18
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1862-01-28 1882-12-30
OK Grove Grove Sun, The* 2008 Current
OR Portland Oregonian 1966-12-29 1987-12-31
OR Redmond Redmond Spokesman, The* 2007 Current
PA Bethlehem Bethlehem News, The* 2007 2007
PA Chadds Ford Chadds Ford Post* 2007 2008
PA Coatesville Coatesville Ledger* 2007 2009
PA Columbia Columbia Ledger* 2001 2009
PA Donegal Donegal Ledger* 2002 2009
PA Newt. Square Haverford Press* 2007 2009
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1829-09-29 1854-12-29
TN LaFollette LaFollette Press* 2008 Current
TN Nashville Nashville Post* 2000 Current
TX Dallas Dallas Morning News 1978-01-05 1981-10-28
TX San Antonio Prensa 1922-01-11 1959-05-21
TX Stephenville Stephen. Empire-Tribune* 2000 Current
UT Roosevelt Uintah Basin Standard* 2006 Current
VA Alexandria Alexandria Gazette 1822-10-24 1874-12-31
VA Richmond Richmond Planet 1885-02-21 1890-07-12
VT St. Albans St. Albans Daily Messenger 1894-07-30 1894-07-30
WA Bellevue Bellevue Reporter* 2009 Current
WA N.B. Kitsap N.W. Nav. Kitsap-Everett* 2004 Current
WA Whid. I. N.B. N.W. Navigator Whidbey* 2004 Current
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