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How do I narrow down searches in the historical newspapers collection when researching a common surname like "Staples"?


Since a search on "Staples" returns thousands of hits, here are some easy ways to narrow your search into smaller increments.
  1. Limit your search by state. Notice that when you click on the "Historical Newspapers" section, a map with a list of states appears. Check off a specific state or states and then review the search results for just those states as you sift through every Staples. You can also use this map feature to limit your search by city, or search one specific newspaper only. (For a step-by-step explanation of how to do this, read our "Search tips" article from the December issue of GenealogyBank News).

  2. Search only new material. After you complete your search through all of the Staples references, going forward you can use the drop-down menu on the search form to search ONLY the new material added in the past month. That way, each month you can search only material added in the previous month, to keep that one-surname search complete and current.
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Q: How do I narrow down searches in the historical newspapers collection when researching a common surname?

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