Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 22 Million Records in August!
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Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 22 Million Records in August!
Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our online collection to give you the largest newspaper archive for family history research available anywhere.

Here are the details of our most recent additions:
  • A total of 85 titles from 30 states
  • Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are obituaries only and are new to our archive
  • We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research
If a recent addition to our archive interests you, simply click on that paper's title; it is an active link leading to that newspaper's search form.

There is also an option available on the historical newspapers' search form that gives you the ability to search only the new content added in the past month, two months, or three months.

State City Title Start Date End Date
AR Little Rock Arkansas State Press 1950-05-12 1957-08-30
CA Los Angeles Clamor Publico 1857-05-09 1857-05-09
CA Los Angeles Con Safos 1968-06-01 1971-12-01
CA Oakdale Escalon Times* 2004 Current
CA Oakland Mundo 1971-03-18 1971-03-24
CA Riverbank Riverbank News* 2007 Current
CA San Francisco Centro America 1921-02-26 1921-02-26
CO Antonito Voz del Valle 1900-10-25 1900-10-25
CT Hartford Connecticut Courant 1843-12-30 1843-12-30
CT Hartford Times 1835-01-05 1840-12-26
CT New Haven Columbian Register 1834-04-12 1873-12-27
DE Hockessin Brandywine Comm. News* 2011 Current
FL Tampa Nueva Republica 1897-06-12 1897-06-12
GA Augusta Augusta Chronicle 1881-01-01 1913-12-29
GA Winder Barrow County News* 2011 Current
IL Chicago Broad Axe 1924-04-16 1924-04-16
IN New Castle Courier-Times* 2008 Current
KY Lexington Reporter 1815-01-06 1815-12-27
LA New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane 1821-01-01 1822-12-30
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1915-03-03 1915-03-03
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1919-01-21 1919-01-21
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1923-11-11 1947-10-20
MA Boston Boston Courier 1844-12-05 1860-03-12
MA Salem Salem Register 1842-05-16 1889-02-04
MA Springfield Hampshire Chronicle 1795-03-09 1796-08-30
MA Springfield Springfield Republican 1923-09-04 1946-01-08
MA Springfield Springfield Union 1955-11-23 1979-08-12
MA Worcester National Aegis 1847-01-13 1876-11-11
MD Easton Easton Gazette 1834-01-04 1835-02-28
ME Portland Portland Advertiser 1830-10-12 1833-10-01
MI Detroit South End: Wayne State U.* 2010 Current
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen Patriot 1890-01-07 1919-07-05
MI Ypsilanti Eastern Echo: E. Mich. U.* 2008 Current
MO Kansas City Cosmopolita 1918-05-11 1919-05-24
NH Dover Sun 1801-03-18 1808-12-17
NJ Morristown Genius of Liberty 1799-09-12 1811-01-22
NJ N. Brunswick Jewish Journal 1956-09-12 1966-03-11
NJ Newark Jewish Chronicle 1927-01-21 1939-12-01
NJ Secaucus Hudson Dispatch* 2010 Current
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1918-01-14 1921-08-14
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1944-04-30 1992-02-23
NM Albuquerque Evening Citizen 1893-02-25 1893-04-15
NM Eddy Eddy County Citizen 1893-06-13 1893-06-13
NM Las Cruces Borderer 1872-07-24 1874-01-10
NM Las Cruces Estrella 1931-05-23 1931-05-23
NM Las Cruces Tiempo 1909-02-13 1911-07-08
NM Las Vegas Las Vegas Daily Gazette 1882-09-08 1883-02-01
NM Las Vegas Las Vegas Daily Optic 1889-05-16 1900-10-31
NM Santa Fe Santa Fe Daily New Mexican 1882-01-04 1905-06-27
NY Albany Albany Evening Journal 1876-01-03 1876-06-29
NY Geneva Geneva Gazette 1819-02-17 1819-02-17
NY New York Commercial Advertiser 1828-01-17 1839-04-24
NY New York Daily People 1900-07-07 1914-02-22
NY New York Grafico 1927-09-04 1927-11-13
NY New York New York Herald 1872-08-18 1873-04-03
NY New York New-York Daily Advertiser 1823-09-20 1823-09-20
NY New York New-York Gazette 1803-02-23 1803-04-27
NY New York Novedades 1891-04-23 1918-02-07
NY New York Nueva Democracia 1936-10-01 1936-10-01
NY New York Redactor 1831-11-12 1831-11-12
NY New York Spectator 1842-08-06 1842-08-06
NY New York Worker 1907-11-16 1907-11-16
NY Plattsburgh Plattsburgh Republican 1855-03-03 1855-03-03
NY Schenectady Cabinet 1812-03-25 1817-06-25
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1878-01-09 1922-11-05
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1927-07-30 1989-04-24
OR Portland Oregonian 1918-11-17 1919-10-19
OR Portland Oregonian 1926-10-28 1985-09-18
PA Harrisburg Harrisburg Republican 1816-12-31 1818-07-07
PA Lancaster Lancaster Journal 1817-01-01 1817-10-31
PA Philadelphia National Gazette 1821-01-24 1835-09-24
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1849-07-21 1857-08-07
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1868-03-02 1887-12-30
PA Pittsburgh Druid 1919-01-15 1938-12-01
PA Scranton Druid 1910-07-07 1913-12-25
RI Providence Man. and Farmers' Journal 1869-01-11 1872-02-15
SC Columbia Carolina Panorama* 2010 Current
SC Columbia South Carolina State Gazette 1808-04-07 1818-06-09
TX Corpus Christi Progreso 1939-09-15 1940-05-01
TX Dallas Dallas Morning News 1979-05-22 1983-02-20
TX El Paso Atalaya Bautista: S. E. B. 1922-03-02 1926-09-23
TX Linden Cass County Sun* 2011 Current
TX San Antonio Heraldo de Mexicano 1927-12-11 1928-02-12
TX San Antonio Regidor 1911-05-25 1915-12-29
TX San Antonio Revista Mexicana 1920-01-04 1920-01-04
VA Richmond Rich. and Man. Advertiser 1795-05-09 1796-07-13
VA Richmond Virginia Patriot 1809-12-26 1817-01-22
VT Brattleboro Vermont Phoenix 1866-01-12 1866-12-28
VT Burlington Northern Sentinel 1822-05-03 1825-12-23
VT St. Albans St. Albans Messenger 1850-01-31 1850-01-31
WA Seattle Seattle Daily Times 1923-11-18 1948-09-19

To see our newspaper archive's complete title list, click here.
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