Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 24 Million Records in October!
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Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Adds 24 Million Records in October!
Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our online collection to give you the largest newspaper archive for family history research available anywhere.

Here are some details about our most recent additions (we actually added new content to thousands of titles, but the following is a representative sample):
  • A total of 106 titles from 31 states
  • Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are obituaries only and are new to our archive
  • Those marked with a plus sign (+) are historical newspapers new to our archive
  • We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research
  • Along with additions to our historical newspapers collection (whose date range is formatted year-month-day) we've also added papers from another collection, called Publisher Archives (whose date range is formatted month/day/year).
If a recent addition to our archive interests you, simply click on that newspaper's title; it is an active link leading to that paper's search form.

There is also an option available on the historical newspapers' search form that gives you the ability to search only the new content added in the past month, two months, or three months.

State City Title Start Date End Date
AL Dothan Dothan Eagle* 2005 Current
AL Grove Hill Southern Recorder+ 1847-02-24 1849-11-07
AR Jonesboro Jonesboro Sun* 1999 Current
AR Little Rock Arkansas State Press 1953-11-06 1956-04-06
CA Riverside Riverside Daily Press 9/1/1928 11/26/1930
CA San Diego Evening Tribune 1/1/1898 2/28/1920
CA San Diego San Diego Union 1/1/1906 8/24/1915
CT Hartford Hartford Daily Courant 1861-11-15 1866-12-04
CT Hartford Times 1840-05-02 1840-05-02
CT New Haven Columbian Register 1834-03-01 1876-12-30
CT New Haven Connecticut Herald 1831-05-24 1838-10-30
FL Palm Coast Palm Coast Observer* 2010 Current
FL St. Augustine Fl. Herald & S. Democrat 1829-06-17 1842-07-25
FL Tampa Tampa Tribune 11/3/1924 8/6/1927
GA Acworth Bright Side* 2011 Current
GA Augusta Augusta Chronicle 1881-01-04 1917-12-31
GA Dallas Paulding County Sentinel* 2009 2010
GA Marietta Marietta Journal 6/30/1983 4/24/1985
GA Tifton Tifton Gazette* 2006 Current
ID Idaho Falls Idaho Register 1887-04-09 1916-05-12
IL Champaign IlliniHQ* 1998 Current
IL Rockford Register Star 12/11/1999 4/30/2004
IN Princeton Princeton Daily Clarion* 1999 Current
KY Danville Advocate Messenger* 2003 2010
KY Lexington Reporter 1810-02-10 1811-12-10
LA Baton Rouge Advocate 2/7/1960 5/7/1962
LA New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane 1821-03-26 1822-03-04
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1842-11-10 1900-12-03
MA Boston Boston Herald 1/1/1864 9/29/1890
MA Boston Boston Courier 1845-02-13 1845-11-06
MA Salem Salem Register 1854-03-09 1876-01-27
MA Springfield Springfield Union 1950-02-02 1989-01-03
MD Chestertown Chestertown Transcript+ 1866-11-10 1876-02-18
MD Fredericktown Political Intelligencer 1818-01-03 1818-05-30
ME Hallowell Hallowell Gazette 1860-11-10 1860-11-10
ME Portland Portland Advertiser 1830-08-24 1832-10-15
MI Dearborn Arab American News* 2007 Current
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen Patriot 1892-05-07 1913-06-25
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 1896-01-02 1906-12-19
NC New Bern North Carolina Sentinel 1827-01-13 1830-07-24
NC Raleigh News & Observer-Web ed.* 2004 Current
NC Winst.-Salem Winston-Salem Journal 1/1/1904 12/31/1924
NE Omaha Omaha World Herald 3/16/1963 4/30/1978
NJ N. Brunswick Jewish Journal 1957-09-06 1957-11-15
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1918-11-03 1921-09-18
NY Albany Albany Evening Journal 1876-03-06 1876-03-28
NY Lyons Wayne Post* 2010 Current
NY New York Commercial Advertiser 1874-01-02 1875-12-31
NY New York Daily People 1910-10-16 1910-10-16
NY New York Irish American Weekly+ 1849-08-19 1871-06-24
NY New York Irish Citizen+ 1867-10-19 1868-10-10
NY New York Spectator 1823-11-21 1824-10-26
NY Oyster Bay Oyster Bay Guardian* 2010 Current
NY Sarat. Springs Saratoga Sentinel 1827-01-23 1827-01-23
NY Schenectady Cabinet 1814-03-09 1820-12-27
NY Windham Windham Journal* 2009 Current
NY Yonkers Westchester Rising* 2009 Current
NY Yonkers Yonkers Rising* 2009 Current
OH Athens Athens Messenger* 2009 Current
OH Canton Repository 2/17/1942 1/27/1951
OH Circleville Herald* 2008 Current
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1878-03-11 1915-03-23
OH Columbus Bexley News* 2008 Current
OH Columbus Big Walnut News* 2009 Current
OH Columbus Booster* 2007 Current
OH Columbus Gahanna News* 2007 Current
OH Columbus German Village Gazette* 2007 Current
OH Columbus Northland News* 2007 Current
OH Columbus Northwest Columbus News* 2008 Current
OH Delaware Delaware News* 2008 Current
OH Dublin Dublin News* 2007 Current
OH Grove City Grove City News* 2008 Current
OH Hilliard Hilliard Northwest News* 2008 Current
OH Jackson Jackson Co. Times-Journal* 2008 Current
OH Massillon Independent* 2004 Current
OH New Albany New Albany News* 2007 Current
OK Tahlequah Tahlequah Daily Press* 2005 Current
OR Portland Daily Oregon Herald+ 1871-07-01 1871-07-26
OR Portland Oregonian 1918-01-20 1921-02-09
PA Germantown Germantowner Zeitung 1775-04-20 1775-04-20
PA Harrisburg Old Warrior, etc.+ 1844-02-01 1844-10-26
PA Harrisburg Watchman+ 1841-06-12 1841-10-09
PA Lancaster Lancaster Journal 1818-09-23 1818-09-23
PA Philadelphia National Gazette 1821-06-13 1889-11-05
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1855-10-10 1857-12-29
PA Pittsburgh Druid 1921-12-15 1936-12-01
PA Pittsburgh National Labor Tribune+ 1875-04-24 1925-10-15
RI Providence Man. and Farmers' Journal 1869-02-18 1869-11-11
SC Charleston Charleston Courier 1806-03-04 1814-03-31
SC Columbia S. Carolina State Gazette 1822-01-01 1829-06-20
SC Greer Greer Citizen* 2008 Current
TX Dallas Dallas Morning News 1983-03-31 1983-08-03
UT Salt Lake City Salt Lake Telegram 1909-09-03 1916-08-27
VA Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch 1/1/1923 4/16/1927
VA Richmond Virginia Patriot 1811-02-08 1815-12-13
VT Burlington Vermont Centinel 1825-11-11 1825-11-11
VT Windsor Vermont Journal 1844-08-08 1856-02-15
WI Fond du Lac Daily Fond du Lac Press+ 1866-07-23 1866-07-25
WI Fond du Lac Democratic Press+ 1858-06-05 1858-12-15
WI Fond du Lac FdL Week. Commonwealth+ 1858-03-24 1858-12-15
WI Green Bay Green Bay Spectator+ 1852-02-21 1852-09-28
WI Green Bay Phoenix+ 1841-10-08 1841-10-08
WI Green Bay Wisconsin Republican+ 1845-01-21 1847-02-08
WI Milwaukee Milwaukee Democrat+ 1843-08-11 1844-02-23
WI Milwaukee Milwaukiean+ 1844-10-28 1844-11-04
WV Fairmont Times West Virginian* 2007 Current

To see our newspaper archive's complete title list, click here.
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