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Passenger Lists Found in Newspapers Archives & Types of Records

  • Ships Arriving with Immigrants
  • Ships Carrying People within the United States
  • Passengers on Stage Coaches
  • Ship Disaster Lists
  • Ship Name
  • Arrival & Departure Ports
  • Country of Origin
  • Passenger names and ages
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Passenger Lists Search Tips

  • Narrow your search by focusing on a specific date range or arrival/departure port.
  • Note: 40% of Americans can trace their heritage back to Ellis Island immigrants.
  • Keep in mind many immigrants changed their names when arriving in the U.S. or names were misspelled so include variations or phonetic spelling of their names.
  • Use passenger lists to find names of relatives traveling together.
  • Note that a departure or arrival port may not have been the first or final location of your ancestors.

Search Passenger Lists for Ancestor’s Names, Countries of Origin, & Family Stories

Passenger lists are another great resource you can find in our online newspaper archives to help with your genealogy research. These travel records can reveal vivid moments in your ancestors' lives as they traveled by sea on passenger ships to America and pioneered the new frontier.

Early passenger lists may only have included names and date, by the 20th century passenger lists became more robust detailing names, ages, accompanying family members, a short description, in addition to the arrival and departure locations.

Newspapers published a variety of passenger lists including:

Ship Disaster Lists

Newspapers covered the details of these tragic events and offered lists of the deceased and surviving passengers. From tragedies such as the Titanic sinking to U.S. military disasters like the torpedoing of USS Indianapolis ship disaster lists can provide clues to dead ends.

Ships Carrying People Within the United States

Many early Americans traveled by boat to new destinations in the United States. These lists often contained information about other family members who traveled alongside the named passenger providing helpful clues to further your genealogy research.

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Passengers on Stage Coaches

Stagecoaches were the lifeline for many towns in the American Wild West period throughout the latter half of the 1800s. As such, early American newspapers often published stagecoach passenger lists, providing the names as they arrived at their destinations. These old stagecoach lists also frequently provide additional clues about your family history.

Ships Arriving with Immigrants

From early Pilgrims traveling on the Mayflower to later Irish or Italian immigrants, these lists can help you trace your heritage. Covering all major American seaports, these ship passenger lists include the names of the passengers arriving at popular naturalization destinations such as Ellis Island, New York.

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