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Lawson W. Jenkins newspaper article-bail
Lewiston Evening Journal
Lewiston, Maine

Clipped 10 hours ago

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1816 taxes
George Minot was a neighbor of Abner Melcher, who named one of his sons George Minot.
Weekly Eastern Argus
Portland, Maine

Clipped 3 days ago

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Elias Libby
Maine Democrat
Saco, Maine

Clipped 3 days ago

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Ellsworth American
Ellsworth American
Ellsworth, Maine

Clipped 5 days ago

Find Your Family History in Maine Newspaper Archives

Learn about your ancestors’ role in helping to shape colonial and modern-day America. Were you ancestors one of the early settlers who helped establish Maine in 1607? Did your ancestors help push for Maine’s independence from Massachusetts or perhaps they helped craft the Missouri Compromise in which Maine became the 23rd state in 1820?

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Maine Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

How did these events and others impact your ancestors and your family history? Find out the answers to these questions and more by searching your ancestors in our collection of digital newspapers from across the state. With over 112 original and historic newspapers, you’re sure to find more than just a few stories about your ancestors whether they were one of the early Pilgrims or alive during the 1950s. Search popular publications such as the Falmouth Gazette and Weekly Advertiser and Portland Press Herald.

Newspapers captured and preserved the daily lives of our ancestors' including their hardships and triumphs. Tracing your family history is more than just learning names and dates. Genealogists turn to newspapers to find valuable details about our past. Local Maine newspapers featured stories about the community and members including celebratory events (marriage and birth announcements) and the role certain community members played in local and national events. Find Your Ancestors & Their Story Today!