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Obituary for Alida Y Morrissette
Union Leader
Manchester, New Hampshire

Clipped 1 day ago

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Aid For Kansas
New Hampshire Sentinel
Keene, New Hampshire

Clipped 13 days ago

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Massacre - Popish Cruelty Display'd
A full and true Account of the Massacre of the Protestants in Ireland, by the Instigation of the Blood thirsty Jesuits, Priests, Fryars, etc.
New-Hampshire Gazette
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Clipped 14 days ago

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Marriage of Taft / Wirein
New Hampshire Sunday News, Manchester, NH, Sunday, Dec 05, 1954 , page 35
Union Leader
Manchester, New Hampshire

Clipped 23 days ago

Find Your Family History in New Hampshire Newspaper Archives

New Hampshire was one of the first thirteen colonies and has been - and continues to be - a significant part of American history. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, New Hampshire newspaper archives have many stories of your ancestors waiting to be discovered. Search through our collection of New Hampshire newspaper and learn what was taking place during the time of your ancestors and how your ancestors may have influenced the course of American History.

New Hampshire Old newspaper story about general franz sigel

New Hampshire Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Newspapers are great genealogical resources as they contain vital records like birth announcements, death records, marriage announcements, and even photos. Newspapers also captured local news and national news that can further help you understand what life was like for your ancestors. With newspaper archives dating back to 1756, there are sure to be new details and untold stories about your ancestors waiting to be discovered. Use newspapers to uncover your New Hampshire genealogy and find out how your ancestors lived, who they loved, and what impact they may have had throughout New Hampshire’s history. Find Your Ancestors & Their Story Today!