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Charleston, South Carolina was the epicenter of many historical events that took place in American history. If you or your family are from this city, it is very possible your ancestors played an active role in the American Revolution, the Civil War, or other major historical events that has shaped our country as we know it today.

In fact, Charleston was one of the main locations for the American Revolution. The Tea Act of 1773 and several British attacks took place right on Charleston’s soil, making it one of the most influential historical cities in the entire United States today.

If your ancestors are from Charleston, South Carolina, they could have been among the many settlers who fought for their independence during the Revolution. To find out what roles your family members played during this pivotal time in history, use our Charleston, South Carolina Newspaper Archives on our website. With just a name or date, you will be able to access a world of information on your family lineage as well as American history. 

History of Charleston, South Carolina

Ever since it’s early beginnings dating back to the 17th century, Charleston has been one of the most influential cities in early America. Initially succeeding as a thriving port city, Charleston was the main center of trade for all of the southern colonies. By the late 1700’s, Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants settled in this port town, which created a diverse and eclectic population that is still present to this day.

To learn more about your ancestor’s involvement during the Civil War and American Revolution, use our extensive database of Charleston, South Carolina, Newspaper Archives and obituaries. These historic publications can help you uncover the hidden stories and exhilarating events of your family lineage. Let GenealogyBank help you discover more about your history with our Newspaper Archives database. Get searching now! 

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