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charles w. fait
Aberdeen Daily News
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Clipped 1 day ago

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Hester & Irvin Truman card of thanks
Aberdeen Journal
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Clipped 14 days ago

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Wedding Trip
Frank and Mary Ellen's Wedding
Mitchell capital
Mitchell, South Dakota

Clipped 23 days ago

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Joyce Moir
music contest - mezzo soprano
Aberdeen Daily News
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Clipped 1 month ago

Find Your Family History in South Dakota Newspaper Archives

Since its founding, South Dakota has played a prominent role in American history and is the home to one of our most famous monuments, Mount Rushmore. After it was obtained in the Louisiana purchase, South Dakota welcomed many brave men to its beautiful countryside. Discover what life was like for your ancestors who called South Dakota home through the stories captured in old newspapers.

Maybe your family worked on Mount Rushmore from 1927 to 1941? Delve into the newspaper articles of the day to learn how your ancestors contributed to South Dakota's rich history and culture. Issues such as the Scribner's Monthly, the Black Hills Pioneer, the Plainsman, the Sioux City Journal, and others can help you reveal details about the deeds and lives of your ancestors over the years.

South Dakota newspaper archives-Territory of Dakota

South Dakota Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

If you wish to discover more about your South Dakota genealogy, old newspapers are the firsthand accounts that can bring the daily lives of your ancestors to life. Our collection including obituaries, wedding and birth announcements, and daily news articles can reveal information you might have thought lost to time.

After Lewis and Clarke explored the territory, did your family members help erect the fur-trading post at Fort Pierre? Or maybe they were there when Sioux Falls and Yankerton settlements were established? Did they travel to the Black Hills to mine for gold in the late 19th century? Were they working in Deadwood when Wild Bill Hickock was shot by Jack McCall over a game of poker? Search South Dakota newspaper archives to begin uncovering the untold stories of your ancestors and your family history.