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Find Your Family History in California’s Newspaper Archives

Uncover stories and details about your ancestors in California newspaper archives. Find out if your ancestors struck it rich during the Gold Rush, or who in your family fought in the Civil War. Learn how your ancestors lived and their stories to bring your family tree to life.


California Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

California is one of the biggest melting pots of ethnicities and backgrounds in the United States. With immigrants coming from all over the world - especially Latin America and Asia - California has more immigrants than any other state. California has always had something for everyone, so it’s not surprising our ancestors made the trek to the Golden State. From the Gold Rush - which brought in thousands of Americans West and immigrants from Latin America, Europe, Australia, and China - to the American Civil War, California has a rich and vibrant history. Most of this history was documented in the form of daily newspapers.

Daily California city and county newspapers are a valuable source of local history and records of our ancestors’ lives. In addition to covering national and local news, newspapers reported on events, births, marriages, and deaths of our ancestors, their community and more.

Our California digital newspaper collection includes newspaper archives dating back to 1846 through 2016 from major cities like San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Diego and more. Discover new details and untold stories of your ancestors and learn more about your California genealogy. Search our collection of California newspaper archives for your ancestors. 

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