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norvell obit
Saginaw Herald
Saginaw, Michigan
May 19, 1881 - Page 2

Clipped 7 days ago

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Stewart-Woodbridge wedding
Saginaw News
Saginaw, Michigan
July 20, 1899 - Page 4

Clipped 10 days ago

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Irene Richmond Shepard
Saginaw News
Saginaw, Michigan
August 16, 1915 - Page 7

Clipped 18 days ago

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Russell Phillion
Marriage to Marie Vorwerck in Saginaw on Sep 11 1920. Date is Thursday Sep 16 1920 page 7 Saginaw News
Saginaw News
Saginaw, Michigan
September 16, 1920 - Page 7

Clipped 24 days ago

If you’ve grown up in Saginaw, Michigan, or have family roots there, explore our Saginaw news archives to learn more about your ancestors and family history. With full publications between 1869 to 1922, discover the daily life of Saginaw residents and key events. From local and national news articles to birth and marriage announcements, the old newspapers are full of unique details. Plus, search Saginaw newspaper obituaries to uncover intimate stories about how our ancestors were remembered.

Our collection of Saginaw, MI newspaper archives include publications from across the city such as The Saginaw Daily Enterprise, The Saginaw Herald, Saginaw News, and The Saginaw Republican. Search specific publications or by your ancestor’s name and dates.


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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Saginaw newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in Saginaw newspapers.

History of Saginaw, Michigan

Located in central Michigan, Saginaw had a thriving lumber industry that attracted settlers from all over the area. The lumber boom peaked in the 1870s and was later replaced by other industries. Although Detroit was the heart of the automobile industry, Saginaw was also a major contributor to both the manufacturing and automobile industries. During WWII Saginaw continued to be dominated by industry and manufacturing. Modern-day Saginaw formed in the 1880s when two neighboring cities, Saginaw City and East Saginaw, combined. Learn about this period in American history and the people who shaped the events through the stories captured in local Saginaw newspapers. 

Will local and national news, our Saginaw, Michigan newspaper archives can help you learn more about the daily lives of your ancestors living in Saginaw and nearby cities. It’s these stories which give our family trees more than just dates. Use these archives to gain a greater understanding of your ancestors. 

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