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William Judd
Death Announcement
Kalamazoo Gazette
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Clipped 8 hours ago

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Richard Eddy Baylis
Death at Manilla
Saginaw News
Saginaw, Michigan

Clipped 13 hours ago

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Joseph Hoefling, Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Press
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Clipped 17 hours ago

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Bernard Cooper
Death notice
Detroit News
Detroit, Michigan

Clipped 2 days ago

Find Your Family History in Michigan Newspaper Archives

Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Michigan newspaper archives. From the completion of Lake Erie in 1825 to the booming car industry and beyond, Michigan newspapers preserve the stories of the people’s daily lives, the stories of our ancestors.

Michigan Newspaper Archives_George Sisler

Michigan Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Michigan newspaper archives are an invaluable genealogical resource. With both local and national stories, you can learn more about the major events which impacted your ancestor’s lives.

Use our collection of publications from across Michigan to fill in the gaps in your family tree and uncover details about your ancestor’s lives - from daily life to their role in major events. Did they travel to Jackson Michigan for the very first Republican Party meeting in July 1854? Were one of the many volunteers who formed the 40 Michiganian regiments that fought and died for the Union? After, did they work in Hyde Park as one of the assembly linemen in the factories of Henry Ford, David Dunbar Buick, or Horace Dodge during the Automobile boom in Detroit?

Find publications dating back to 1817 including the Detroit Gazette, the Michigan Argus, and many more. Search Michigan’s historical newspapers to discover who your ancestors were and what their lives were like.