Trenton, New Jersey, Newspaper Archives (1778 - 1993)

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With Trenton, New Jersey newspaper archives dating back to 1778, your family history is waiting to be discovered. From the American Revolution to the nineties, find the stories of your ancestors. 


History of Trenton, New Jersey

The city of Trenton can be found throughout American history and even served as the capital of a newly established America back in 1784. Although only capital for a few months, the city of Trenton eventually became the main capital of the state of New Jersey.

Aside from the iconic events of American history (American Revolution), Trenton also experienced a major wave of European immigrants during the 19th century. This was a time when the city was expanding and developing a number of newly-established industries. Pottery became one of the city's greatest successes, which attracted many of the immigrants.

Whether your ancestors were early colonists who fought for our Independence, or the European immigrants searching for a new beginning, use the Trenton newspaper archives to uncover the details and stories behind your family lineage.

Search Trenton newspaper obituaries, articles, classifieds, and various announcements to learn more than just a name and date. With GenealogyBank you can search publications dating back to 1778!

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