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Alexander Bonatz Obit
Trenton, New Jersey

Clipped 4 hours ago

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Boycott obit
Newark Star-Ledger
Newark, New Jersey

Clipped 5 hours ago

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Mary Parle nee Kelly Obituary
Mary Parle Obituary
Jersey Journal
Jersey City, New Jersey

Clipped 10 hours ago

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Demo to begin on St. Peter’s July 7 1958
Jersey Journal
Jersey City, New Jersey

Clipped 13 hours ago

Find Your Family History in New Jersey Newspaper Archives

New Jersey newspaper archives are a critical resource in tracing your ancestors and New Jersey genealogy. Our collection of New Jersey newspaper archives include full publications from over 20 major cities in New Jersey with obituaries, announcements, and historical articles to help you discover details of your ancestors.

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New Jersey Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

As one of the first 13 colonies, New Jersey and our ancestors living in the state played an active role in the development of American history. In 1776, New Jersey became one of the founding states of the newly independent United States of America. By 1779, New Jersey representatives signed the first American constitution, The Articles of Confederation. Can you trace your ancestry back to Colonial America? Uncover untold stories and details in historical newspaper articles published in New Jersey local and state newspapers. 

Trace your genealogy throughout American history using the details found in newspaper archives. Find birth and marriage announcements, lost photographs, intimate stories, obituaries and more. Use the U.S. census records to fill in the gaps with valuable genealogy information.