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Find Your Family History in Oregon Newspaper Archives

Beginning in 1842, thousands of people took the perilous Oregon Trail in search of a better life, a land claim, or a chance of striking gold. It is possible that they worked for the Pacific Fur Company and helped establish the first permanent Oregonian settlement at Fort Astoria. If so, they may be mentioned in the pages of the Daily Astorian, which was founded in 1873. This paper and many others recorded both the daily minutiae of town life as well as the larger events going on in the state and country.

If your genealogical lines can be traced to Portland, which became known as “Stumptown,” your family may have had a role in the booming lumber industry of the late 19th century. Perhaps they helped erect the Bonneville Dam, or contributed to the war effort in the construction of many of the great battleships and aircraft carriers of World War II? The only way to find out is by diving into the Oregon newspaper archives of the day.

Old newspaper article about the old oregon trail
Oregon newspaper article about a devestatung fire

Oregon Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Historical newspapers bring color to the local and national events of the day. The Oregonian, the Daily Astorian, the Oregon Spectator, the Democratic Standard, the New Northwest, and several other historic newspapers have been capturing the day-to-day lives of Oregonians since the early 19th century. These resources can help you discover what life was like and flesh out your family’s details by reading birth and wedding announcements, obituaries, and interest pieces. Unearth your predecessor's stories today with our collection of Oregon newspaper archives!