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If your ancestors are of German descent and immigrated to the United States, chances are you can trace them back to Wisconsin. By 1853 a third of Wisconsin’s population was from German speaking countries. 

History of Wisconsin

Back in the 1830’s, Wisconsin ventured into an industry still popular today. Before establishing themselves as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin had created a booming brewing industry. The first brewery opened in 1835, which sparked a surge of breweries throughout the entire state. Many believe that breweries were so popular because of Wisconsin’s high amount of German immigrants that settled in Wisconsin.

Then in the 19th century, agriculture became a flourishing industry. This state contributed one-sixth of America’s wheat and was a sustainable source of capital for many years. Unfortunately, by the 1860’s, chinch bugs wiped out the entire industry and left Wisconsin depleted and in need of a new industry. It was then, Wisconsin’s dairy farming began to take shape. Immigrants from New York and other European countries came to Wisconsin with extensive knowledge in the dairy and cheese making industry. Over the next 30 years, dairy farming quickly surpassed any other industry, which made Wisconsin the leading contributor of dairy in America.

Were your ancestors in Wisconsin when it became the 30th state in 1848 or around when Madison became the state capitol? To learn more and uncover your family’s history and lineage, begin your search with our Wisconsin historical newspapers online database today!

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