Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Newspaper Archives (1836 - 2012)

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin Newspaper Archives

If your family has roots in Wisconsin or German ancestry, our Milwaukee newspaper archives may help you learn more about your family lineage.These archives contain over 20 titles from across Milwaukee and feature key stories and important events from 1836-1977. Uncovering the stories behind your ancestors starts with a simple search. 

History of Milwaukee

Milwaukee was composed of 3 separate towns until they joined together in 1846. During this same period, many Milwaukee citizens were immigrants coming from Germany who fled from the Revolution of 1848. The city became a widely-popular German refuge due to the inexpensive land and opportunities for a better future. In fact, so many Germans made Milwaukee their final destination that the city eventually was coined “the German Athens”

By the late 19th century, suburbs were springing up all throughout Milwaukee. With the newly established suburban areas, Milwaukee began to build the city’s infrastructure, which lead to a fully functional city.

During the 1900’s, the city experienced a huge surge of European immigrants. Milwaukee was a prosperous industrial city, which was very intriguing in the eyes of many foreigners. With the expansion in population and the booming economy, Milwaukee became a prosperous city during the era of the industrial revolution.

Newspapers in Milwaukee captured the daily lives and major events of Milwaukee residents. Search newspaper articles, obituaries, announcements, and more to uncover valuable information about the daily lives of your ancestors.

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