Feature Article: How to Print Newspaper Articles

We are living in a digital age, with many genealogical records available for searching online. GenealogyBank, for example, has more than 1.3 billion online records, including birth records, wedding announcements, obituaries and local news stories. Sometimes, however, an electronic copy just won't do; you want a "hard copy"—a piece of paper. Perhaps you want a certain obituary for your family scrapbook. Or you may want to mail a particular article to a relative, or tape a birth announcement onto the family refrigerator.

GenealogyBank makes it easy to print out any of its newspaper articles, and this Feature Article will show you how.

After you do a search, the newspaper articles that contain the term(s) you searched on appear in a list. Read any article on that list either by clicking on its hyperlinked title or the accompanying snippet to call up the article.

The article appears in a window we call the Image Viewer. Note that there are several tools (represented by icons) at the top of the Image Viewer. These tools allow you to perform a variety of tasks related to the displaying, downloading, and printing of the article you are currently viewing. We will explain the other tools in future Newsletter articles, but for now let's concentrate on the Print Tool.

Basic Printing

The Print Tool provides you with a printer-friendly view of the image that gives you some handy features. It looks like this:

From the printer-friendly view, you can choose to print the image only, the citation only, or both. You can choose a page layout—portrait or landscape—and your paper size. There is also a checkbox to "Fit Image to Page" which will ensure that large images are resized to fit on the paper size that you chose. Once you have made your choices, use your browser's print function to print a copy of the article.

Note: In the case of articles that continue onto another page, be aware that you will get only the article piece that you are currently viewing when you use the Print Tool. If you want to print all pieces of the article, you will need to use the Print Tool for each piece separately as it is displayed on your screen.

Printing "Zoned" Articles

A great many of the newspaper articles in GenealogyBank's archives have been individually added to our product so that they appear by themselves in the Image Viewer. For all such articles, the above printing instructions work just fine.

However, preparing the articles in this way is a very laborious and time-consuming process. We are continuously adding newspaper articles at such a great rate (20 to 30 million per month) that in order to keep up with this production we have added some articles to the product in one of two "zoned" formats. This means that the article appears along with the surrounding articles from that section of the page where it was originally printed—or the entire page—instead of all by itself.

Not to worry—we have provided tools to individually select "zoned" articles so that you can print out the exact article you want.

The two zoning methods are "manual" and "auto," but don't worry about that distinction—for the purposes of you selecting and printing out the specific article you want, it will be obvious which selection tool to use.

If your article was part of a "manual zone" selection process, then the article you want will appear along with the surrounding articles from that section of the page where it was originally printed. To select the specific article you want, first select the Print Tool.

This will give you a red outline you can use as your selection tool in the resulting printer-friendly view. Move this outline around the page until it covers the article you want to print. It is now selected and ready for printing.

If your article was part of an "auto zone" selection process, the red box will not appear. Instead, either the "auto zone" article will appear in the Image Viewer by itself—in which case you print as described in the beginning of this article—or the whole page will appear in the Image Viewer and you need to use a special selection tool. If the whole newspaper page appears, click on the "Select an article from this page" Tool on the top of the Image Viewer, near the Print Tool.

This tool gives your cursor the ability to select individual articles. As you move the cursor over the page, individual articles light up in yellow.

Once the article you want to print is highlighted in yellow, click on it and the Image Viewer will refresh—this time with just your selected article showing, ready for printing.

It's that simple. Use the Print Tool and its accompanying features to print any article you find in GenealogyBank's historical newspaper archives. Happy printing!

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