Search Tips: How to Search or Browse a Specific Newspaper

Sometimes you just want to go right to a specific newspaper and start searching or browsing through that newspaper.

GenealogyBank provides an easy way to do this.

In the middle of our homepage is a List of Newspapers link that will show you our entire collection of online newspapers, organized by state.

Next, click on the state where your target newspaper was published and you will see a list of all the online newspapers we have for that state. For example, let's click on Illinois.

Now you see the list of all 332 Illinois newspapers in our collection.

Notice that every newspaper title is hyperlinked—clicking on that title will take you directly to that paper's individual search page.

Just scroll down the list of newspapers, find your target newspaper, and click on it.

For example, let's choose the Belleville News Democrat.

That will bring up a search page exclusively for this newspaper.

To find a specific issue, enter the date of the newspaper that you want to read in the Date field and then click the green Begin Search button.

Your search results will be in a list.

Read any article on that list by clicking on its hyperlinked title or the accompanying snippet to call up the article.

Once your article appears, look along the left side column for the option to List all pages in this issue. Click on that link.

The complete list of every single page in that issue of the newspaper will appear. Click on the page you want to read to call it up and begin reading. Or, to browse the entire issue, click on the first page, read it, then keep clicking on subsequent pages in order to read through the entire newspaper.

It's that simple.

Happy browsing!

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