Boston, Massachusetts, Newspaper Archives (1690 - 1992)

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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Boston newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in Boston newspapers.

Boston, Massachusetts Newspaper Archives

Covering over 7,000 newspapers, Our extensive database of American articles provides key insight on the history of our ancestors. At GenealogyBank, we have created a robust database of historic Boston newspapers online with information stretching from across the United States. This valuable collection of publications can unlock family secrets, surface pivotal events, and uncover family trees that have been hidden for years. If you have always wondered about your family lineage, now is the perfect opportunity to learn.

Our Boston newspaper archives provides historical information of Boston and other nearby cities dating back to 1690! Massachusetts was home to the very first settlers who ventured to the United States back in the 1620’s. It took 70 years for the first newspaper to be produced, which documented early encounters of the early pilgrim settlers and local indians. Some familiar Boston publications title include the Boston Daily Bee, the Boston Chronicle, the Boston Gazette, and many more! These old Boston newspapers may provide the missing information you need to understand your ancestors stories, lives, and history.

Many genealogists use our Boston obituary archives to uncover the missing details of their family tree. Discover how your ancestors were remembered, what defined them, and lost stories of their lives. This database offers a vast amount of information readily available at your fingertips to start exploring.

Our Boston newspaper archives date back to 1690 and include publications through 1992. Throughout this time period, Boston and America experienced critical events that molded our country. From the Boston Tea Party to the Boston Massacre, this city has played an active role in American history. Stories and news of these historic events and the people involved were captured and preserved in the local daily papers.

Using our online collection of old Boston newspapers, you can find the details you need to trace your family lineage. WIth just a name and date, you can access a world of information. Historic Boston newspapers have preserved American History in its rarest form through obituaries, announcements, and articles. Start your search today and learn more about your heritage.

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