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Jennie R. Sanderson Obituary
Watertown Daily Times
Watertown, New York

Clipped 7 hours ago

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Agnes Oldman Daglish
Buffalo Evening News, sept 10, 1941, pg 45
Buffalo News
Buffalo, New York

Clipped 14 hours ago

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death of Ebenezer Hill, 2nd one
Albany Evening Journal 06/12/1875
Albany Evening Journal
Albany, New York

Clipped 1 day ago

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death of Ebenezer Hill
Commercial Advertiser 06/11/1875
Commercial Advertiser
New York, New York

Clipped 1 day ago

Find Your Family History in New York Newspaper Archives

Whether you can trace your ancestors to the first colonists or one of the thousands of immigrants, New York newspapers can hold the clues to your family history.  With New York newspaper archives dating back to 1730, discover your Colonial ancestors and your ancestors’ role in the fight for independence through modern-day America.  Search New York historical newspapers and bring your family tree to life. 

New York newspaper archives Statue of Liberty

New York Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

As one of the 13 colonies, New York newspapers have captured and preserved American history and daily life of our country’s earliest residents.  From early U.S. colonialism to the American Revolution, the Civil War to the current day, New York has played a pivotal role in shaping American history. 

New York was the entry point for many immigrant groups - Italian, Irish, Jewish, German, Hispanic, Asian, and more.  Our records also include many cultural specific newspapers to help you narrow your New York genealogy research even more. Browse Irish-American newspapers to find your Irish ancestors or Italian-American newspapers for your Italian relatives. Use newspapers to discover and understand the lives of your early ancestors who left their homes to seek out a new life in America. Find out how they lived, who they loved and all the events that surrounded their lives. 

Our New York newspaper archives include full publications from across the state. Find historic articles, announcements, obituaries, and more to discover the untold stories of your family’s heritage.